Leadership Training

Do you feel as you read the precious word of God, that Jesus has been calling you to be a leader in his Church? 

Leaders Advancing in Ministry Program

The General Baptist Denomination offers a wonderful course--study at your own pace--study at home Leadership Course called the LAMP Program.  Click on the LAMP Program Graphic to Learn More.


General Baptist Statement of Faith: General Baptist Denomination Statement of Faith

If you believe in the Above Statements of Faith and feel strongly about being called into a leadership position in Ministry this is the course for you.  It is not only a wonderful curricular ministry courses but also affordable and one that allows you to work at your own pace so no matter if you are single or have a very demanding job or have a large family this course works into your life style while preparing for ministry.  Here at HeavenBound Ministry we have a LAMP Program User Forums that allow you to Fellowship with other course attendees and to seek answers to your questions and to help those that you feel inspired to.  A Truly Marvelous Support Group to grow and to help God's chosen.  So whether you are called to Minister, Pastor, lead the Youth, Teach Sunday School this course will be a true blessing to you.

Shall we Pray:

Heavenly Father, oh sweet Jesus, thank you for creating this hunger, this true urging to follow your word and your divine will for my life.  Thank you for producing a wonderful Course that is well rounded to suit many leadership positions with in your great Church Jesus--our true High Priest!  Teach us Jesus to be like you and how to lead your flock as you did.  Amen.

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